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Operate with Transparency

Gain real-time visibility to your construction site without leaving your desk! REQUEST A DEMO

Drive Efficiency & Performance

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Automate Safety and Compliance

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Transparency and Visibility the INDUS.AI Way

Make faster and more informed data-driven decisions, stay on top of your project, keep all stakeholders informed and reduce surprises, delays, cost overruns & claims

How It Works

Improve Efficiency, Transparency & Safety At Your Job Sites

Solutions for Developers

Transparency and Visibility to Construction Site Activities

  • Prevent surprises
  • Keep all stakeholders like your marketing & sales teams, owners & lenders up to date on latest state of the project
  • Collaborate effectively with your general contractor

Reduce Project Risks

  • Avoid liability issues like Safety & Compliance
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Get alerted to activities or inefficiencies which delay schedules
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Solutions for General Contractors

Protect your reputation for excellence and efficiency

  • Prevent surprises resulting in project delays
  • Keep all stakeholders like your developers, owners & lenders up to date on latest state of the project
  • Collaborate effectively with your developers & sub contractors

Make data-driven decisions

  • Be aware of potential issues like Safety & Compliance
  • Ensure efficient utilization of your heavy machinery and equipment
  • Have a constant pulse of your workforce & labor productivity
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Construction Intelligence Cloud Platform

819,168 Workers Onsite
481,400 Trucks & Heavy Machinery
544,960 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)