Jump Back in Time

Sometimes, you need to jump back and review recordings — whether to dispute a claim or review safety hazards on the job site or maybe even a security issue that may have happened during the night.

In the indus.ai dashboard, you are able to jump back in time to review the recordings.

Simply open up the camera feed you’d like to jump, click on the Jump Back button (as shown in the video above), select date and time, then click “Jump”.

You can go forwards and backwards in the recording as well as download the recording as a video file (mp4).

By default, recordings within 2 weeks can be played instantly but anything further than that requires time before it can be viewed. If you do jump further back than 2 weeks, you’ll receive an email once the recording is prepared notifying you that it is ready to be played.

Unfortunately, not all users will have permission to “jump back”; though most superintendent or project managers most likely have access to jump. If you require recordings from the cameras but don’t have access to the feature, you can send us a quick email with timeframe and camera ID you wish to view the recording of.

Any feedback is welcome, as always, please don’t hesitate to email us with great ideas and suggestions!

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