Data Driven World.

We live in a data-driven world. Data enables us to make better decisions faster. This applies to all things and the construction industry is not an exception.’s core value is providing useful and actionable insights to owners, project managers and superintendents, in a timely manner.

Our proprietary AI is equipped with advanced Computer Vision algorithms and continuously monitors every camera located around a job site to understand and analyze various activities in real-time. There are a variety of analytics that our AI can provide, including equipment utilization, truck arrival/departure cycle-time, and detailed crane activity tracking.

Live truck arrival analytics

In addition to the astute analytics, continuous monitoring enables AI to automatically generate a short, 2 minute time-lapse every week to be used during toolbox/management meetings to help track progress.

Today, is used by over 200 owners, project managers, and superintendents in over 4 countries to reduce over billing, avoid cost overruns and to better manage time. Contact our sales team and we’d love to explore the different possibilities of what can do for you!

Excavator efficiency/utilization analytics

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