Bonus: Time-lapse

Staying on top of all the progress on your own for a construction project is near impossibility. Aggregating numerous paper trails that track thousands of different things to get a glimpse of the speed of development for an entire project is a long and arduous task.

Time-lapse allows you to view the construction progress in a short and concise manner. With this video function, a recording of construction activity that span over a long period of time can be shortened down to 1 or 2 minute video that shows the progress of the construction. In addition to viewing the overall progress, the time-lapse provides other benefits as well: various processes can be reviewed, potential safety hazards can be identified, and more.’s continuous monitoring solution with cameras installed around a job site allows the recordings to be automatically “time-lapsed”. These videos can be delivered straight to your inbox every week or every month so you and your team can review the progress during toolbox/management meetings.

If you already have cameras deployed around your job site and would want to receive time-lapse, please email us and we can turn your camera into time-lapse machine!

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