Are You Using the Right Tools?

Are you using the right tools?

I kicked off my summer by leading a webinar on how AI and Computer Vision are accelerating the digital transformation of construction sites. 

Since other people were packing tents and sleeping bags to go camping or chairs and umbrellas for the beach, I was thinking how you need the right gear at the right time.

Then we did this quick poll during the webcast:




 It’s the same on construction sites: to manage risk in the summer of 2018, you can’t rely on pens and paper! You need the right tools for today.

 Fortunately, you can easily adopt a number of technologies that will help you communicate and collect information more efficiently so you can get a clearer picture of site activities, respond to changes faster, and reduce uncertainty.

  1. Virtual Project Coordinator: Collects and reports data points such as the arrival of materials every hour. It’s an easy way to track progress against a plan. You can automate this with technology such as cameras and software to gather more data and control risk better.
  2. Mobile Messaging App: Connects the various teams in your value chain, from subcontractors and architects to developers and cost-consultants. They can send updates and ask for clarification, making information more readily available across teams, facilitating quicker decisions and improving management of issues and risks.
  3. Resource Tracker: Replaces paper time cards with technologies like RFID tags, turnstyles, and video collection of data, which are more efficient and seamless ways to collect staff hours and report them directly to payroll as well as to management for resource utilization assessments.

It’s OK to start slow and supplement your toolset for pilot use cases like these. It’ll be easy to see the difference they make, track results, and measure ROI. Then you can decide what other technologies, if any, can help you coordinate site activity and reduce uncertainty.

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