How Real-time Insights Bring Projects in On Time.


A story about how to avoid project schedule delays by having real-time visibility to construction site insights and making data-driven decisions

The Need

Menkes Development Inc. needed to have real-time visibility and insights to all activities at the construction site in order to ensure predictability of the project schedule and cost. For example, an industrial site in suburban Milton required the filling of soil before the general contractor could construct a large industrial warehouse. The site had planned to accept excavated soil from other construction sites for 12 months until it was leveled and ready for the construction to start.


The progress of filling a large site with dirt was a difficult metric to visualize as the delivery of these results were delayed by a considerable amount of time. Tickets from the current “truck-ticketing” system were manually gathered and would take weeks to be summarized. This arduous process delayed the delivery of actionable intelligence and could jeopardize the schedule of the upcoming construction project.

“The construction site insights enabled Menkes
Development Inc. to reduce schedule delay risks and the
time spent managing the site.
Dennis Skara – Vice President,
Development & Infrastructure – Industrial & Low Rise Residential

Why ?

Menkes Development Inc. used the solution to detect and report on every truck that arrived in the fill site in real-time. Furthermore, helped Menkes Development Inc. reconcile project bills.
The construction intelligence dashboard organized these insights in charts that were displayed to all the stakeholders on their mobile devices at all times.

The Results

Using Menkes Development Inc. ensured on-time schedule and cost certainty for the development project. The developer was able to better manage the risk of the fill-site not fulfilling the targeted schedule. Locking down on a lower risk reassured Menkes Development Inc. that their ROI would not decrease by losing the opportunity cost resulting from the construction starting and finishing later than planned.